Roger Marsh Composer

P.S. 1972

Composed for Bernard Rands’ new ensemble Sonor for a concert at The Roundhouse, London, – P.S.  is for female voice, trombone and double bass.  It is a musical interpretation of Samuel Beckett’s play called Play. It falls into the category of ‘instrumental theatre’ – ie without costume but specifically staged.  The performers were Josephine Nendick (soprano), Paul Rutherford (trombone) and Barry Guy (bass).  A full account of the piece and its derivation from Beckett is given here:

Words and Music 15 – Music and Beckett (2)

A few years later Clap performed the piece at an SPNM composers weekend in York.

In 1977 it was performed in a concert at the Las Vegas Contemporary Music Festival at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.  The players turned up for an evening rehearsal wearing DJs (Tuxedos).  I was impressed, until I realised it was because as soon as they had finished rehearsing for me they were off to accompany Dean Martin at Caesar’s Palace.