Roger Marsh Composer

But Still note

Roger Marsh, But Still…. for soprano, viola and piano (premiere)

for Jin Hyung Lim

In 1967, South Korean composer Isang Yun was kidnapped from his home in Germany and taken to South Korea, where he was imprisoned and sentenced to death for alleged espionage. The charge arose from visits he made to North Korea. Although Yun claimed that he was not politically motivated, his aim was to enrich Korean music via modern, Western musical ideas. He always hoped to assist in reunification of the Koreas.

The text used in for this trio is taken from interviews he gave about his experiences in 1977.

1 Ja, ich war im Gefängnis und war doch nicht gefangen, das ist wahr.

2 Ich bin nur Musiker, sonst nichts

3 Es ist wahr, Verzweiflung war größer als Hoffnung.  Aber trotzdem: Ohne mich an die Hoffnung anzuklammern,  an sie zu glauben, hätte ich mein Leben nicht halten können.

             1 Yes, I was in prison and was not imprisoned. That is true.

             2 I am only a musician, nothing else

            3 It is true, despair was greater than hope.  But still: Without clinging to hope,                                believing in them, I could not have kept my life.


(Luise Rinser and Isang Yun, Der verwundete Drache: Dialog über Leben und Werk des Komponisten, 1977.)